Jzapal Vonkrishna

Jzapal Vonkrishna

Thank you so much for supporting me, it means a lot!

I love sharing moments of my life threw pictures for my fans who follow me. Thank you for all the love and support you haven given me since I released my new music it means a lot to me! For my female fans I have a surprise for you that I know you are going to like!

You might have seen me wear it, the “Instagram bra” as they call it, super handy no straps and gives your boobs that perfect lift for a sexy cleavage.
The response I got was crazy and just like I thought people really loved the bra.
I did however get some messages from people saying it was too expensive and I believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy a night out dressed to kill.
A company reached out and offered me this amazing deal, you can have your own Instagram bra for 55% OFF if you use my coupon code: Lunacy only valid for 24 hours so get it quick!

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